Whale Fat Follies 2017

Whale Fat Follies 2017

Whale Fat Follies

Oh No! For the first time in 30 years

There will be no “Whale Fat Follies” This Summer Only!

“The Whale Fat Follies” is taking a Sabbatical This Summer Only!  We’ve decided that instead of spending the summer in a sleazy bar singing songs about being stuck in traffic and swearing at slow Winnebagos, we want to BE THE GUYS who are drinking in sleazy bars and swearing at Winnebagos.  

            “Christmas In Spenard” will appear as usual next December, and “The Follies” will return during the summer of 2019.  Have a fabulous summer, and we’ll see you at Christmastime.

Whale Fat Follies is presented by Mr Whitekeys.