The Original Troubadours 2018

The Original Troubadours 2018

The Original Troubadours

September 30th, 2018

Medieval Balladeers and Minstrels

Sung mostly in English, this program brings history alive in a unique and beautiful setting on Lake Hood. The original troubadours were traveling musicians of the 12th and 13th centuries who performed poetry, songs, and dances in pursuit of “paratge”, the ethical code of Medieval Occitania (now southern France). Paratge escapes modern translation. It depicts a balance of bravery, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and tolerance.

Living in a time when most people lived rarely traveled more than a few miles from place of birth, the troubadours led full lives of adventure and intrigue. Their songs spread news and gave cynical commentary on politics, social norms, and even the courtly hosts. Hear music by and learn the stories of Peire Cardenal, Comtessa de Dia, Richard the Lion Hearted (Richard I of England), and a host of other itinerant medieval melodists and lyricists.

Troubadours and minstrels:
Christine Renée Keene, soprano
Armin Abdihodzic, guitar
John Lutterman, viols
Laura Koenig, recorders
Denise Martin, dulcimer
Jim Kerr, juggler
John Damberg, percussion

Your ticket includes an historically inspired reception.

The Original Troubadours is presented by Anchorage Festival of Music.