Whale Fat Follies 2019

Whale Fat Follies 2019
  Whale Fat Follies


Presented by Mr Whitekeys
June 24th through August 22nd, 2019

The Farewell Tour

The Alaskan Show the Department of Tourism does NOT want you to see!

The Whale Fat Follies is the most extravagant Alaskan multi-media musical comedy ever staged, and after a 33-year run of hilariously biting Alaskan satire, this will be the final season for The Whale Fat Follies. This is your last chance to see the funniest Alaskan entertainment spectacle ever produced.

There’s a reputedly live band, stunning singers & dancers, over 800 awe-inspiring high-definition images of Alaskan stupidity, and a costume budget of over Thirty-five Dollars! According to Mr. Whitekeys, “This is the story of the Real Alaska—where people are now more afraid of gluten than they are of Grizzly Bears.”

The Hard Rock Cafe is the perfect setting for The Whale Fat Follies. There’s fun food, fun drinks, comfortable chairs, clean bathrooms, validated parking, an Elevator, and just so you’ll feel at home—the same old disreputable Spenard characters also hang out just a few feet away on Fourth Avenue!