Beethoven's Birthday Bash 2019

Beethoven's Birthday Bash 2019
Beethoven’s Birthday Bash


Presented by Anchorage Festival of Music
January 5th, 2019
Beethoven in a new light

By 1813, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s personal life was in shambles. He had alienated his family, been thwarted in love, and was tormented by the constant ringing and buzzing of tinnitus. As Beethoven’s hearing deteriorated, he combatted his growing social isolation with an obsession with folk and popular music. From his inventive Scottish Songs (with English lyrics) for voice and piano trio to his thrilling musical portrayal of a Napoleonic battle with military marches and musical musket fire, this concert celebrates Beethoven’s 250th birthday by embracing his humanity. Come early for the pre-concert lecture by Anchorage otolaryngologist Donald Endres, MD to learn more Beethoven’s hearing loss and its impact.

Kate Egan, soprano
Kyle Gantz, bass-baritone
Christine Harada Li, violin
Linda Ottum, cello
Juliana Osinchuk, piano
Special guests